For the safety of my guests and to meet legal requirements I need to:




  • Carry out a fire risk assessment and keep it reviewed
  • Provide reasonable fire safety information



  • Provide reasonable measures to detect a fire



  • Provide reasonable measures to contain a fire



  • Provide reasonable measures to escape a fire



  • Maintain all my provisions to ensure they are fit for purpose

The Let-Protect Solution    Think – Protect  Detect  Contain  Escape  Maintain

– the simple way to ensure good fire safety measures

Need a little help?

The paying guest guide can help you decide how to do this, be mindful this document is only a guide and was created to assist the legislation that was introduced in 2006. Some of the products we supply were not available at the time of publication, many fire services recognize the new products such as fire angel detectors as suitable installations.

In many cases suitable signage and fire safety information could reduce the need to install certain products such as door closers as you can provide guest with information regards keeping doors closed at night.

You need to decide what you are going to install and be confident that it meets your requirements.

For example:

If you do not install a fire extinguisher on every floor, you need to understand why you did this and be confident in your choice?
You might have decided that it was impractical to put an extinguisher on every floor

  • no suitable area to locate
  • restricted exit route
  • could encourage guest to stay in property rather than escape

You do however recognize you should make some provision, as it could put out a small fire preventing all risks associated with a larger fire, so you:

  • installed a multi-function clean light-weight extinguisher
  • in a promenent suitable location such as the kitchen so guest are aware of its location


Have a quick review of your property ask yourself …

  • will my guests know what to do in the event of a fire
  • will my guests be alerted to a fire
  • will my guests be able to contain a small fire
  • will my guests be able to escape a fire in poor visibilty
  • will my guests be confident my provisions work and are fit for purpose
  • will my guests be aware of preventative fire safety measures

Be confident in how you manage fire safety in your property – remember the legislation is in place to protect you and your guests.


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