Fire Regulations – Holiday properties with paying guests should be able to show that a Fire risk assessment has been carried out

Fire Risk Assessment

The fire risk assessment is very important to your property it is a legal requirement and many people forget they must keep it reviewed periodically.
A court case concerning poor fire safety measures determined that a 12 month periodic review would be reasonable. You must also action a review if you have made any major changes to your property or change how you use it.

Private Owner

If you have not done a fire risk assessment you can obtain a risk assessment template form from Visit Britian, Visit Britian are recognised for rating properties in the holiday letting industry and have useful information on there website.

With a Letting Agent

You will find many letting agents have an arrangement for managing fire risk assessments internally so they can provide details to their guests if requested, Ask them how they manage fire safety in their properties.

What next?

  • If necessary improve your fire safety measures
  • Keep the risks, and fire safety measures, under review

The Law

The law introduced in October 2006 known as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety), order 2005-makes you responsible for taking steps to protect the people using your premises from the risk of fire.


Visit Britain Fire Risk Assessment


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